Publishes Exclusive with John McAfee Reveals Location In iPhone Metadata ( EXIF )

Update: It looks like McAfee really is in Guataemala and has hired an attorney in the country. ( looks like our friends at learned a lesson, they removed the EXIF data ) published an exclusive story titled “WE ARE WITH JOHN MCAFEE RIGHT NOW, SUCKERS” where they talk about travelling with him for the past four days. The problem is that the photo they posted was taken with an iPhone with geolocation data embedded in it. The original photo was taken down and replaced with a version that has data stripped, however I was able to grab the original, I ran it through EXIFScan and sure enough the GPS coordinates were intact possibly revealing John McAfee’s location in Río Dulce, Guatemala.

Update: So now John McAfee is saying he manipulated the “XIF” data, I for one do not believe that. A good magician never reveals their tricks. The fact updated the image immediately after the location data was discovered is also suspect. If the goal of this was to throw people off, why would you remove the photo and then tell everyone you manipulated it intentionally…like the whole McAfee case a lot of it makes no sense.

Tracking people via EXIF data is nothing new, a while back I launched CameraTrace which scans and logs serial numbers of photos found online, which has lead to several interesting recoveries where stolen cameras were tracked down. Recently Higinio Ochoa was busted after a iPhone photo that he had taken and posted revealed his location, sound familiar?

Hat tip: Simple Nomad and Chris Wysopal