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Facial Recognition

ToorCamp 2012 – Tracking Technology, Forensics and Privacy

My presentation from this summer at ToorCamp, probably the most fun you can possibly have at a security conference. I learned tons.

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Oregon DMV Facial Recognition Software Use

Starting in 2008 the Oregon DMV started using facial recognition software to help prevent fraud and identity theft. When you go in for a new license and you have your photo taken, they automatically check it against your previous photo to make sure that it matches at the counter to verify that it is really you. If it matches you will be issued a temporary license at that time good for 60 days.

Your photo will then be included in a nightly batch that will compare your newly captured photo to all images in the DMV database, if there are no fraud flags you will then be mailed a license with security features within 5-7 days. If however there is a possible match with another photo in the system the application will be passed to the fraud department for verification, the applicant also received notification that the license will be issued pending an investigation. There are a number of false positives, however it appears it is up to the applicant to verify and prove their identity with additional documents.

One important factor in the use of the facial recognition system is that according to SB640, the system cannot be used by law enforcement. The DMV can pass potential fraud and identity theft cases on to law enforcement, however law enforcement cannot take an image of a suspect for example and run it through the Oregon DMV system. This could of course change in the future easily…