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Ken Westin

Digital Privacy Isn’t Taken, It Is Given Away

Open Source Data & Surveillance

With the Edward Snowden privacy leak there is an important factor that is being missed. It isn’t the government agencies that collect the data, they are merely consumers and harvesters of it. The data comes from corporations that have been collecting this it for years, data that we have given them freely in exchange for convenience and vanity. We are the victims and the perpetrators.

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Senate Cyberstalking Bill To Close Privacy Loophole

Today the Senate Judiciary Committee is set to approve legislation sponsored by sponsored by Sen. Al Franken, D-Minn. that would block a loophole for “cyberstalking apps”.

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ToorCamp 2012 – Tracking Technology, Forensics and Privacy

My presentation from this summer at ToorCamp, probably the most fun you can possibly have at a security conference. I learned tons.

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Update: It looks like McAfee really is in Guataemala and has hired an attorney in the country. ( looks like our friends at learned a lesson, they removed the EXIF data ) published an exclusive story titled “WE ARE WITH JOHN MCAFEE RIGHT NOW, SUCKERS” where they talk about travelling with him for the past four days. The problem is that the photo they posted was taken with an iPhone with geolocation data embedded in it. The original photo was taken down and replaced with a version that has data stripped, however I was able to grab the original, I ran it through EXIFScan and sure enough the GPS coordinates were intact possibly revealing John McAfee’s location in Río Dulce, Guatemala.

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Mobile Penetration Testing: There’s An App For That

When most people think of penetration testing, they think of a simulated external attack where the tester tries to break into a network from a remotely.

Companies focus most of the security spending and policies on keeping hackers from the outside in, from firewalls and other security hardening appliances, software and tools.

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Ignite Portland 11: Pwnd By Devices

My Ignite Portland presentation “Pwnd By Devices”…had a blast doing this, even though it was freaking hard:

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Anonymous vs GoDaddy: Social Media As Social Engineering

When GoDaddy’s services went down last week there was instantly speculation that Anonymous had something to do with it. The fact that the group has been responsible for a number of high profile hacks leads many to think that any hack or data breach has something to do with the group. When GoDaddy’s services went down and an Anonymous member claimed responsibility many in the press didn’t even blink and accepted the claim as fact. Even journalists who should know better to check their facts were citing Anonymous claims as fact, or at least helping to distribute the claims to the masses.

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You down with UDID? Yeah, you know me… my location and app activities

It was announced this week by the hacker group AntiSec that they compromised a laptop belonging to Supervisor Special Agent Christopher K. Stangl from the FBI taking advantage of vulnerability in Java that allowed them to gain access files on his system. The data they claim to have downloaded allegedly holds more than 12 million UDIDs ( Uniqe Device Identifiers) from Apple iOS devices.

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Privacy Invasion Lawsuit Names 18 Companies

Several companies have ben named in a class-action lawsuit as a result of mobile applications uploading contacts to servers without users’ consent. The mobile app developers who were following this practice were doing so to provide more personalized recommendations regarding who they should follow on their social networks, however they did so without user consent or knowledge.

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Mobile Privacy, Security and Celebrities

There have been a number of recent stories with celebrities photos being leaked online, including Scarlet Johansson, Christine Hendricks, Olivia Munn and more. I was interviewed by Fox News regarding how celebrities can better protect themselves. The obvious answer is to not take the photos and store them on their devices or in the cloud in the first place.

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